Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First Page Session Tomorrow!

I've got my fingers crossed! The first time I went, I felt like a complete idiot! It seemed like everyone knew what they were doing. They were like the pros, and I was like the rookie. In any event, I will have the first page of a new story I am working on entitled "Dear Mr. Vyce Prezident".

I hope this time will be better than the first....and as for that 50,000 word contest...yeah! About that.... :-)



Anonymous said...

Hey Tami! It was great seeing you again. Wonderful picture on your blog! Everyone loved Mr. Vyce Prez and it was a hoot to read aloud. Keep developing it; it's a winning idea. And think about joining Women Who Write! Our next meeting is December 2. Let me know if you want to come check us out!

Tami Charles said...

Tara! Two years later, I leave a comment haha! I have joined Women Who Write. I am in the Westfield chapter and I LOVE my group! Congrats on your upcoming book. Can't wait to read it!