Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I really need to write more!

Writing is like a release for me. Finding time is the issue. Between work, grad school, running a business and learning how to be a wife, I am EXHAUSTED!

Anyway, the First Page session went well. I wrote a new piece and really need to finish it because it seemed that both editors really liked it. I am so idiotic for not hurrying to finish. Hopefully, they won't forget me when I finally do send it.

Happy New Year. 2009 will be MY year!!!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First Page Session Tomorrow!

I've got my fingers crossed! The first time I went, I felt like a complete idiot! It seemed like everyone knew what they were doing. They were like the pros, and I was like the rookie. In any event, I will have the first page of a new story I am working on entitled "Dear Mr. Vyce Prezident".

I hope this time will be better than the first....and as for that 50,000 word contest...yeah! About that.... :-)


Friday, November 7, 2008

National Novel Writing Month

Yes and if I couldn't be any crazier, I joined a writing contest under National Novel Writing month. I saw it on another person's blog and decided what the heck? This would force me to really get my "writing" act together. I have to write 50,000 words by November 30. Time to revisit Armstrong and make it the best it can be.

Wish me luck!

Getting it together

So many ideas, so little time.

Today I am going to New York for a photo shoot.....I am so excited! I hope that the pictures come out well and if I have a double chin in ANY of the pics, I will pay extra to get that bad boy removed!Lol!

And as if life couldn't get any crazier, yesterday I decided to apply for a 501c3 and start up a charity. So now I'm going to be a book-writing, pageant directing, charity organizing, doctoral studying, elementary teaching, exhausted fool! I often wonder what is it about the essence of a woman that allows us to wear so many hats. It's like I can juggle laundry, reading, texting, emailing, feeding the dog and cooking all at once! My life would probably be boring if I wasn't so busy.

I am a member of the New Jersey Society of Children's Book Writer and Illustrators (NJSBWI) and I have a First Page session in two weeks in Princeton. (speaking of which, I still need to sign up for it!) This is where you bring several copies of the first page of your book and a designated reader reads it in front of everyone, including two industry professionals. The first time I went, which was in September, I almost threw up. No, seriously! It was so nerve racking having someone read my personal material. Naturally, my work was chewed to pieces! But I needed that wake up call, you know. So I went back and redid the first page, among other parts. Maybe I should bring the revised first page to the session??? I'm not sure though.

I stepped away for a while from Armstrong and started writing a picture book...untitled for now. It's actually harder than writing a chapter book! I am hoping to have my work read at the upcoming session. It needs some tweaking, so we'll see what happens. The hardest thing for me is finding time to write.

I went to the doctor yesterday and asked him to schedule my surgery for right before Christmas. I will probably miss a month of teaching. But that's ok, because out of that month, I have 2 weeks off from work. I won't be able to drive and I have to stay off my foot for at least 4 weeks. Funny thing is I am looking forward to being confined. That will give me all the time I need to do what I love best....reading and writing! Adios for now!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

About Me

So, why am I here? My hubby suggested that since I talk, think, dream and write so much, I need a place to let it all out. Now that I think about it, he probably sent me here to shut me up! You see, he likes peace and silence. And some times even silence is too loud for him! Me, on the other hand, I need noise, movement, action. I can't exist without it!

Allow me to break down my life and all that means anything:

Teacher: I have been an elementary school teacher since 2002. Since then, my students have made me laugh, made me cry but most of all they have inspired me. They have renewed within me a love of learning, reading and writing. It is because of them I picked up a pen and pad and wrote my first novel this past year.

Doctoral student: By far the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life! But let's not talk anymore about it. Just thinking about all the work I have to submit weekly is enough to make my skin crawl.

Writer: live a life in a world where all I could do is read and write and not have to worry about mortgage and property taxes! Yeah...that would be nice. Truth is, I have been writing stories since I could hold a pencil correctly. I never thought about pursuing it seriously until this past year when I began writing a novel based upon an idea my students sparked within me one day during a writing lesson. The title of my book is Armstrong and the curse of Snake Island. I have already started working on the sequel, though at this point it is untitled.

Pageant Director: I have been involved in pageants since the age of not the beehive hair, caked-on make-up type of pageants. I have won several titles, scholarships and awards over the years. I've lost some too. But nevertheless, it was always a learning experience and I have met some of the BEST people whom I will be connected to for life. Currently, I direct the Miss New England American Coed Pageant. Visit my website at to learn all about American Coed.

Above all these things, I am happily married and very close to my family. Well, that's me...defined!!