Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hiring an editor....take the plunge!

For the past few years, I've always gotten my critiques from the members in my Westfield Children's Writer's group. Now don't get me wrong, each member over the years has given me feedback that has challenged and inspired me. (and in some cases brought me right back to the drawing board!) But, that's ok! That's what a good group does....rips your work to shreds and sends you off with a hug to go fix it and make it better! Oh, how I love my critique group! :-)

Up until recently, however, I'd never entertained the thought of paying an editorial consultant to read and critique my work. Mostly because a) I didn't even know that there was such a service and b) my humble teacher's salary has turned me into a penny pinching, clearance rack sifting, couponing FOOL! So paying hundreds of dollars on a hobby (when I had big girl bills) didn't seem realistic at the time.

But, alas, I have seen the light! Sure, writing is my hobby, but in truth this is something that I hope to one day turn into my business. Investing in myself, I've learned, is necessary if I am to take my writing to the next level. With that said, over a year ago, I had the opportunity to have a critique session with Simone Kaplan from Picture Book People. Signing up for her email list was simple. I did it right through her website and whadd'ya know she sent me a COUPON to receive $50 off a critique! Oh, I couldn't pass that up!

This is now my third time working with Simone and I'm VERY pleased with her work. She has given me some sound advice and great ideas on how I can market two of my manuscripts to make it more appealing to editors and agents. I'm confident that her feedback will propel me in the right direction...onward!

My selfish inner six year old doesn't want to give out her info (I want her all to myself!!!!), but I'd be wrong for not sharing. Check out Simone at

And tell her Tami sent you!

Til next time....

xoxo Tami

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