Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Rejection I Can Live With!

This world of children's publishing truly has its ups and downs! But, one thing is for sure: it is REFRESHING to receive a rejection that is NOT written as a form letter. That feeling of "Wow, he really read my work!" is blissful. With that said, I've been plugging away submitting my latest manuscript entitled "Freedom Soup." Here is what the agent had to say:

Thanks for sharing your picture book. You are right that there aren't
any French-Creole picture books.

I do like the color (and the flavor) of your story. But I feel as though
this is more of a short story than a picture book. There isn't enough
action to make this a picture book, which needs illustrations to really
work. And an illustrator needs simple action to portray in pictures.
Too much dialogue can be problematic.

That said, I do think you have a nice tone and some interesting use
of language.

Hope this helps. And thanks again for contacting our agency.

Honestly, I can live with that. Just when I was ready to exhaust this story and move on to the next, I followed one of this agent's key pieces of advice: slash the multitude of dialogue to provide more action. So off I went, trimming and cutting and styling until I can up with a sort of "dialogue-less" (is that a word?) story. So, I thank agents and editors (like this unnamed one above) who take the time to give valuable feedback to improve our craft.

Back to work I go!

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